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Bedroom Ideas

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Decorating a bedroom in your house takes a lot of work, because you want it to look great while at the same time having it feel welcoming and cozy.

When decorating a bedroom, it’s always good to think of the decor feel in the rest of the house, so nothing clashes. For example, if the rest of your house has a modern theme, it may look out of place to have one bedroom with all vintage decor.

This bedroom displays a fantastic combination of colors and prints. Yellow and gray are very popular these days, as far as home decor color combinations go. I like that the designer stuck with simple colors (black, white, and gray) and added small pops of the color yellow. Even though the color palette is very simplistic, the variety of patterns adds more complexity to the room and really pulls everything together. Also, I really admire the balance in the entire room. The chairs, nightstands, and wall art above the bed beautifully balance around the centered bed.

Having a balanced and zen feel to a room provides a sense of comfort that most people appreciate, especially in a bedroom. In my opinion, this is a fabulous design idea for both a master and a guest room. If you have the space in your guest bedroom, I am sure that your guests will feel extremely comfortable staying over. I know that if I was a guest in this bedroom, I would feel right at home!

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