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Passion for Dancing

Arizona Lindy Hop Society
I’ve been doing Lindy Hop and swing dancing since 1996, having taken lessons at the time at the Academy of Ballroom Dance. Click on the link above to check out the swing dance and music events of the Arizona Lindy Hop Society.

Greater Phoenix Swing Dance Club
After 25 years of doing East Coast Swing and Lindy Hop, I recently decided to take up West Coast Swing. The Greater Phoenix Swing Dance Club is a great group, and you can find me at their dances on Sunday night at the Ambiant Dance Studio, P. O. Box 97459, Phoenix, Arizona 85060.

Lost Our Home Pet Foundation

One of my passions is my love of animals. My husband and I have nine rescued animals: three dogs, three cats, and three feral barn cats. I’ve been associated with Lost Our Home since around 2008. It is an extremely well-run shelter for homeless pets.

The mission of Lost Our Home is to ensure that all pets have loving homes when families face major life challenges. Lost Our Home provides compassionate options when REALTORS® and the community find an abandoned pet. Lost Our Home’s vision is a world in which all pets have loving homes and are treated with dignity and respect.


Turf Soaring School

This is a picture of me in my glider pilot days, from 1997 to 2004. Sadly, Turf Soaring closed a few years ago, but I have a lot of fond memories of those soaring days.


New Use for Old Technology

When I won a national typing contest in 1987 and was declared the “Fastest Typist in the Country” at 162 words per minute, I won that contest using a Selectric II electric typewriter. But then during my 20 years of owning and operating a word processing and resume service, I ended up collecting around 20 vintage manual typewriters. When it came time to downsize our home in 2011, I donated my beloved collection to a Phoenix high school English teacher by the name of Ryan Adney, who is finding a new way to bring old technology into his classroom. Ryan has his 10th grade class write a daily journal using the vintage machines because he says they are a great “focus tool” for his students.

Recycled City, LLC

I do my own composting on our small citrus farm, but if you don’t have a place on your property to compost your food waste, consider Recycled City. They make recycling your food waste easier than ever before! With air-tight buckets, bags of Bokashi, and weekly pick-up services they encourage you to join them in regenerating urban farmland and creating fresh, local food. By recycling your left-overs and food scraps, you can help create abundant local farms. Instead of participating in a destructive cycle, recycle!

Join Recycled City! By having your compostables collected, together we will create abundant local farms.