bathroom storageFor more home decor ideas, click here! The key element to a good bathroom is keeping it clean and inviting. Nobody is impressed with a bathroom that has a medicine cabinet overflowing with products, sink area covered with makeup and hair tools, and toilet paper stacked next to the toilet. There are a ton of great options for bathroom storage. For a small, simple fix you can easily add a shelf or two and a towel hook on the back of the door instead of a towel rack taking up wall space.

The picture shown to the right is an example of great use of storage space. I think it would look nice in a guest bathroom and even in a master bathroom. I love the design aspect that it adds to the room. Because you can see through the doors, keeping it neat and organized would definitely be important. Also, having too much stuff in there can make the bathroom appear cluttered and messy. If you think this could be a problem for you, then I suggest opting for doors that are solid.

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