green projectsIf you are interested in greening your home on a budget, consider these ten green projects, each for under $500.

  1. Build a clothesline. Next to a refrigerator, a clothes dryer is the biggest energy-guzzling appliance in the house.
  2. Add a solar tube. A solar light tube can brighten a dark area of the house with natural sunlight.
  3. Put a recirculating pump under the sink. This ensures steamy hot water while saving water and energy.
  4. Insulate hot water pipes. To stop heat loss in hot water pipes, insulate pipes wherever they can be reached by encasing them in rubber or polyethylene foam tubes.
  5. Plant trees. When the trees mature, they could save as much as 40 percent on cooling costs.
  6. Install a programmable thermostat. By automatically adjusting heating and air-conditioning systems to match a household’s seven-day schedule, a family will see an annual savings of $100.
  7. Create a rain garden. Instead of diverting gutter water into a storm drain, it can be channeled into a low spot on a property planted with bushes, grasses, or trees.
  8. Install a smart ceiling fan. With this device, the A/C can be set 5 degrees higher. Install an occupancy sensor switch that shuts the fan off if no one is in the room.
  9. Replace can lights. Because these fixtures usually aren’t sealed and can’t have insulation above them, they allow heated air to escape into the attic. It’s expensive to replace them, but a retrofit kit that screws into the existing fixture is a far easier and cheaper fix.
  10. Install aerators on faucets. These screw-on mesh screens break up water droplets, resulting in using less water but still having the same amount of rinsing power.

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