Do-it-yourself cleaningIf you’re tired of reaching for cleaning products with ingredients you can’t even pronounce, then head to your local grocery store for a few basic supplies, and make your own using everyday items. These eco-friendly preparations will leave your house sparkling clean. From laundry whitener to glass cleaner, you’ll be amazed at how easy these DIYs are to pull off. And after making the initial investment for the needed ingredients, these cleaning supplies end up costing pennies per concoction to make. Click here to read more posts on home tips and decor!

These mix-it-yourself cleaners use environmentally friendly ingredients — like baking soda and vinegar — and are quite inexpensive. If you’ve run out of your favorite cleaning solution, don’t run to the store; try one of these standbys instead! Read the whole story here!

SAFETY TIP: Never combine ammonia-based cleaners with chlorine bleach or products containing bleach, such as powdered dishwasher detergent. The fumes they’ll create are extremely dangerous. Before doing any mixing, read the product labels first.