Listing and marketing a high-performance, energy-efficient home requires more than a standard approach. That’s the edge agents who are knowledgeable about green features can offer to sellers of energy-efficient homes.

For example, a sample brochure that presents the home’s green aspects, based on information gathered during the pre-listing interview, is a listing presentation component that can set you apart from your competitors. Another component would be presenting sellers with a comparable market analysis that includes comps with green features. As far as your marketing plan, how will your strategy differ from listing a home that is not energy efficient?

selling a green homeIn general, healthier, energy-efficient homes incorporate a variety of long-term environmental benefits, as well as immediate benefits such as lower monthly cost, improved resale value, greater comfort and quiet, improved indoor air quality, greater safety, greater durability, and less maintenance. It is important to showcase the green and energy-efficient features of your client’s home when you are creating the MLS listing by filling out the Energy/Green Features portion of the listing sheet, as well as including any other green features in the remarks sections. Don’t let your seller miss out on the opportunity to take advantage of the added value of a home with green features.

It is also important that the professionals involved with the sale of a green home be trained to handle such a transaction. Ideally, the buyer’s agent, seller’s agent and the appraiser all are green qualified. Few appraisers have the green credentials necessary to properly value green features; so it is important to request that the buyer’s mortgage company use a green-qualified appraiser. As I mentioned in a previous article, a green home is not just solar panels. There is a wide range of green, including energy efficiency, air quality, comfort, water usage, and more.

Remember, high-performance, energy-efficient homes sell more quickly and for more money than a standard home!