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Total prep and cook time for this yummy Veggie Pasta dish is 50 minutes. Not too bad considering the amazing dinner that serves 4.

But first, let’s talk about cast iron skillets. My mom’s favorite pan to cook in, by far and with no close runner-up, was her decades-old cast-iron skillet. Just seeing one conjures up memories for me of her fried chicken, her macaroni and cheese, and her pot roast.

But it’s not just sentimentality that makes this a regularly used pan in my kitchen. There really is no other pan that holds the heat as well. Its weight and thickness compared with other metal pans means that once it’s heated, it retains that heat, making it a good choice for all types of cooking methods. It’s also very affordable, has a nonstick surface, and is almost indestructible. It’s also so convenient that it goes from burner to oven, as in this recipe. Click here to see the full delicious recipe!

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