SRP Approves Monthly Solar Fee

solar panelsThis information may be helpful to pass on your clients who are serviced by SRP and who have recently installed solar panels or may be considering installing them in the future.

Last month SRP approved a monthly fee for its customers who have solar panels, whether leased or owned. The new solar charges will add approximately $50 per month to the average solar customer’s monthly bill, mostly through a new “demand charge” based on their peak power demand during the month. This charge will apply to any SRP customers installing panels after December 8, 2014. The charge will be levied no matter how much the customers’ electricity usage is offset by production from their solar panels. The rate changes will begin to take effect in April, with a basic service fee increasing again next year.

SolarCity Corp. has filed an antitrust suit in Arizona District Court accusing SRP of “anticompetitive and tortious conduct designed to eliminate solar competition,” according to the Arizona Republic. SolarCity claims SRP’s plan to boost rates against future solar customers violates the federal antitrust act and state antitrust laws.

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