MillennialsIt’s the Millennials, Gen Y (born 1982-2002), who are going to be key to turning the current real estate market around. And there’s more and more data coming out about their home buying preferences. All the signals are indicating that they need to be sold on both performance and value.

A study from Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate confirms what Millennials are seeking:

Essential, purposeful homes equipped with the technological capabilities they have grown accustomed to, as opposed to stereotypical luxury homes preferred by many in their parents’ generation.

 This means older, smaller, higher quality and higher performing homes that these homeowners can modify to make their own.

As real estate agents, we need to be equipped with the latest information about green and high-performing homes in order to serve our clients well. Millennials are expecting their real estate agents to be on the cutting edge of this trend. By obtaining NAR’s GREEN designation, agents receive the training and education necessary to best meet their clients’ expectations when dealing with green and high-performing homes.

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