boyfriend jeansBoyfriend jeans are very in-style right now, and I love how they’re paired in this trendy outfit! The olive green shirt with the super light-wash jeans is a great combo for spring, summer, and even fall. You can never go wrong with some Steve Madden leather sandals, too. They add a chic casualness to the outfit, in addition to the matching satchel. I like the sunglasses in this picture, but I would definitely prefer a nice aviator instead, or even simple black ray bans. In my opinion, I think sunglasses are more of a personal choice, though. It’s always best to go with ones that fit your face well because if they don’t, I think it’s very noticeable. Adding a long gold necklace, and even a gold watch, would add nice touches to this outfit . Also, if you really wanted to dress-up this outfit, you could switch out the sandals for a pair of wedges. Going in the opposite direction, clean, white converse are always a good choice with jeans.

Alright ladies, it’s time to go get those boyfriend jeans you’ve had your eye on!

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