How to Get Any Type of Curl!

Calling all ladies! This is definitely the best guide I’ve seen when it comes to curling hair. I was always curious what hair tool is used to get those perfect Victoria’s Secret model curls, and now I know it’s a wand! Personally, I think that a 1.25″ barrel is the best for a wand, but if your hair is shoulder-length, like mine, you may want to try a smaller one.

Also, I absolutely love the look of long, thick hair with loose, voluminous curls. The best way to get this look (besides going to your hair stylist) is to use a big-barrel curling iron and brush your fingers through your hair, once it’s cooled. Another way to get this look is to throw in some hot curlers. I like using hot curlers because I can do my makeup and pick out my outfit while my hair being done! This way, I can get completely ready and then just take out the hot curlers and be good to go.

I’ve seen many people who can really work the flat iron curls, but I still haven’t mastered it. I think it’s pretty difficult, but I’m sure once you’ve figured out the correct way to do it it’s pretty simple. If anyone has figured that out please let me know. I’d love to learn!

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