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Sweet Dreams – A Bedtime Story

June 5th, 2015|

Bedroom Ideas
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Decorating a bedroom in your house takes a lot of work, because you want it to look […]

Beautiful Backyard Barbecue

March 24th, 2015|

In Arizona, it is basically summer all year long! We enjoy a lot of our time outside, except from June through August when it is unbearably hot. Having a […]

Consider These 6 Steps Before Listing Your Home

March 2nd, 2015|

First impressions are important when it comes to selling a home. Many buyers decide within the first few minutes whether or not they like a property. There are easy […]

Perfect Master Suite!

February 13th, 2015|

Perfect Master Suite
This master suite is so perfectly designed. I love the simplicity of the neutral color theme, but there is still enough going on so it does not […]

Beautiful Bathroom Storage!

January 27th, 2015|

For more home decor ideas, click here! The key element to a good bathroom is keeping it clean and inviting. Nobody is impressed with a bathroom that has a […]

10 Green Projects for under $500

January 21st, 2015|

If you are interested in greening your home on a budget, consider these ten green projects, each for under $500.

Build a clothesline. Next to a refrigerator, a clothes dryer is the […]

10 Cleaning Tips Using Everyday Items

January 1st, 2015|

If you’re tired of reaching for cleaning products with ingredients you can’t even pronounce, then head to your local grocery store for a few basic supplies, and make your […]

Organize Your Life with IKEA!

December 30th, 2014|

Looking for something? I’m sure IKEA has it, and if they don’t I am sure you can DIY with a product they offer! People have come up with some seriously […]

Cute Girl’s Bedroom!

December 21st, 2014|

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Trying to find the perfect balance between cute and mature for your teenage daughter’s bedroom can sometimes […]

Home Office Design and Layout

November 8th, 2014|

Need an office for more than one person?  Use a dining table as a desk and place it perpendicular to a wall, so that several people can sit at […]