Alternative Fuel Vehicle

Thinking of Buying an Eco-Friendly Car?

Being eco-conscious can go to an entirely new and different level when you purchase your first green car. Green driving options allow you to literally take your eco-friendly beliefs on the road, helping the environment by reducing emissions and global warming.

An alternative fuel vehicle not only helps green the planet, it also helps your wallet by reducing your gasoline consumption. Consumers who buy eco-friendly models create less air pollution, helping make green cars more popular and encouraging manufacturers to develop even cleaner offerings. One more green-car sale might not make much of a difference to the environment in the grand scheme of things, but if you’re helping to create a buying trend, that’s significant.

The selection of alternative fuel vehicles is increasing to meet the demand of consumers, giving consumers a wider choice, including electric, hybrid, biodiesel, ethanol and natural gas vehicles.

Owning an electric vehicle myself, I can attest to the good feeling I have, knowing I’m driving a zero-emissions car–and all the while loving every minute of driving this fabulous vehicle. Click here to see a slideshow of my Model S Tesla.

Although green cars are not for everyone, they are becoming more common among automotive brands. As the green car market expands, resources like Green Car Reports help car shoppers decipher the terminology, technology and efficiency of cars labeled as earth friendly. For example, Green Car Reports’ Best Car To Buy in 2015 is the 2015 Volkswagen Golf. The award has only been around for five years, which shows how new the eco-car market still is and how much help shoppers still need in making an informed decision. Here’s a video that explains how Green Car Reports finds a winner and why the Volkswagen Golf won this year.

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